Environment-Friendly Services by Imperial Lawns LLC

The value of your home increases with a great lawn and landscape. A healthy, lush green lawn allows your family to enjoy the yard.

Imperial Lawns LLC was established with a mission to provide professional, golf-course quality care for residential lawns in New Jersey. Imperial Lawns helps you grow your green investment with a full season of protection and care.

At Imperial Lawns, we offer professional lawn care and environment-friendly weed control services for residents of Northern New Jersey. We use pesticides only when and where needed. We use all natural, dry granular fertilizers that provide slow-release nutrients to your lawn in a natural way. That way your lawn won’t have haphazard spurts of growth, and you can save on mowing costs.

Our Core Values

  • Serving with a smile
  • High Quality
  • Integrity

Call today or fill out our online estimate and evaluation request and we'll give you a no obligation written analysis and price quote to show you how easy it is to grow a beautiful, weed free and environmentally friendly lawn that looks and feels great!

Imperial Lawns provides professional lawn services in the following counties:

  • Essex
  • Morris
  • Passaic