Turfgrass Soil Liming in New Jersey

Every plant has an ideal soil environment for optimum growth. One of the measurements is the soil's pH level. Either a soil is completely neutral, more acidic or more alkaline. Certain parts of the country, because of the geology of the land is either too acidic or too alkaline. Here in northern New Jersey, our soils have more often than not, a pH level that is too low for optimum growth of turf grass. This can easily be corrected by applying a special application of pulverized lime to your lawn.

Adding lime to the soil's surface will in a short period of time, work its way down into that layer of top soil where the roots of your turfgrass are most active. Here the lime will break down and help balance the soil's pH level to that optimum growth range for growing grass.

We may recommend that your soil should have a lime application so that it creates a better growing environment for your grass. Whether or not your lawn needs this application is determined through a simple soil test. Not all lawns will need this treatment. Lime can be applied either in the spring or fall, but we prefer to apply it in the fall.

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